Where's The Freight (WTF): Solving supply chain bottlenecks through virtual integration

June 21
10:30 am11:00 am
Room 25B

Multifaceted and cumbersome to manage, retail supply chains pose myriad challenges to the agility required to serve consumers effectively. Looking at the holistic freight ecosystem more specifically, large retailers must navigate multiple siloed verticals to manage and ensure the distribution chain operates synergistically. Moreover, freight visibility and transportation management at the national level requires systems integration and data sharing across the freight ecosystem to function seamlessly. Hear executives from discount retailer Big Lots and logistics service provider Cargomatic on managing cargo visibility and optimizing supply chain capacity by aggregating resources and executing a virtual supply chain like a virtual product. Understand how to create freight visibility, reduce costs, relieve bottlenecks, and build a more economically and environmentally sustainable supply chain.