Preparing ports for a 21st Century supply chain

June 21
3:00 pm3:30 pm
Room 26C
Supply chain disruptions happen all the time. The pandemic has shown that the supply chain as a whole, especially the nation's ports, need to be better prepared for future disruptions. As retailers reevaluate their overall supply chains, the ports will play a critical role in the success of a retailer’s distribution of its goods. From the ability to manage congestion to sustainability initiatives, retailers are viewing ports more than ever as key strategic partners. It is important for the industry’s stakeholders to consider current trends and prepare with appropriate policies and strategies to address the next supply chain challenge. This session featuring maritime port leaders will discuss lessons learned through the pandemic an what is needed to achieve a truly 21st century supply chain.
Gregg Barta

Gregg Barta

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics
Kohl's Corporation