How same-day delivery favors consumer demand: A conversation with Shipt CEO Kamau Witherspoon

June 21
4:15 pm4:45 pm
Port of Baltimore Theatre, Grand Ballroom
 Ecommerce exploded during the pandemic, often stretching supply chains to their limits. Still, as the pandemic crisis eases, the new normal for e-commerce delivery remains at all-time highs and promises only to go up in sales volume. As retailers mull their strategies to accommodate such growth, they are faced with added pressure to keep pace with ever-shifting consumer preferences. Hear from retail veteran, proven consumer-centric leader, and new CEO of Shipt, Kamau Witherspoon, on how same-day store-to-your-door strategies benefit customer satisfaction and loyalty, and understand common pitfalls to avoid. 
Jon Gold

Jon Gold

Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy
National Retail Federation