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NRF Councils and Committees

Connect and build relationships with other retail sustainability and supply chain experts through collaborative networking opportunities and groups designed to bring retail leaders together. NRF councils provide members with an elite networking opportunity to help enhance their retail careers.

NRF’s councils and committees provide retail members with the latest insights and best practices and a secure space to share challenges and solutions. Learn more about NRF councils and other member benefits here.

Strategic Supply Chain Council

The Strategic Supply Chain Council brings together retail supply chain leaders to discuss best practices, key challenges and legislative and regulatory proposals affecting the retail supply chain.

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Sustainability Council

Explore NRF’s Sustainability Council and supply chain resources center to view the latest resource, advocacy alerts and blog posts that support the retail industry.

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Food Supply Chain Committee

This committee comprises chain restaurant senior purchasing executives and government affairs executives and focuses on issues impacting the supply chains of chain restaurant companies.

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International Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC)

The ITAC plays a key role in representing the industry's interests on eliminating U.S. and foreign trade barriers and facilitating trade.

This committee connects senior retail sourcing, compliance and government relations executives and general counsels to discuss trade policies affecting retailers.

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NRF Research and Resources

Explore NRF’s sustainability and supply chain resources center to view the latest resource, advocacy alerts and blog posts that support the retail industry.

NRF produces yearly surveys to help the sustainability community identify trends. Take advantage of NRF's leading research to help your company make the right data-driven decisions.

NRF Supply Chain Lunch and Learn Series

In 2021, NRF launched a monthly webinar series addressing the most pressing supply chain and sustainability trends and issues.

View our latest webinars with NRF On Demand below:

Member briefings
Member Briefings

This retail members-only benefit provides members with customized virtual briefings tailored to industry areas, interests and needs. Potential topics include supply chain, global trade, consumer trends, corporate social responsibility / sustainability and more.

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Watching on demand
NRF On Demand

Exclusive to NRF members, NRF On Demand lets you and your colleagues watch NRF content whenever and wherever you want. Access curated videos from NRF events and webinars on topics including cybersecurity, digital marketing, supply chain, operations and more.

NRF members, regardless of title or job function, can unlock year-round content and education that features industry experts and visionaries.

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NRF provides members with curated newsletters covering the latest supply chain, trade, port data trends and more.

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Sustainable retailer
ESG Tool Kit for retailers

Explore this member-only took kit to learn more about what retailers are doing to address sustainability concerns. The NRF ESG Toolkit includes a series of factsheets covering important ESG concepts.

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Retail Litigation Headquarters

Visit NRF’s Retail Litigation Headquarters to learn more about recent legal briefs NRF has filed, accompanied by news releases and other supporting materials.

View additional resources in NRF's Retail Law Resource Center.

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