Conference Topics

Explore the most critical retail supply chain subjects

Learn how to lead your retail company to a stronger, more resilient and more sustainable future.

NRF Supply Chain 360 is two days full of learning and networking that will put you on the path to improving your supply chain operations. Hear thoughtful presentations, new perspectives, clear insights and actionable takeaways from peers in the industry with deep expertise and experience.


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Supply chain
Supply Chain Operational Planning and Cost Management
  • Enhancing supply chain visibility and transparency
  • Data
  • Addressing market volatility
  • Managing increasing costs
  • Resilience/agility/risk mitigation
  • Aligning, planning and execution
  • Mapping supply chain risks
Human Capital
  • Leadership: What CEOs expect from SCCOs
  • The next generation of supply chain leaders
  • Addressing the truck driver shortage
  • Attracting young professionals to supply chain
  • Preventing forced labor in supply chain
  • Automation trade-offs, upskilling and reskilling staff
  • Centers of supply chain excellence
  • Internal and external partnerships
Supply chain workers
  • First, middle and last mile
  • Robotics / AI / warehouse technologies
  • Increasing investments in digital 
  • Inventory deployment
  • Optimizing fulfillment
  • Endless aisle
  • The future of last mile
Network operations (distribution, warehousing/transportation)
  • Resilience / agility / risk litigation
  • Mitigating increased costs
  • Transportation Tetris — from trucks to rails
  • Driver shortages
  • Infrastructure breakdowns crippling the supply chain
  • Partnerships’ key to success
  • Winning supply chain through visibility
  • Reverse logistics
  • Next generation delivery: Current myths and future opportunities
Sourcing and product development
Sourcing and product development
  • Country of origin management
  • Raw material tracking and tracing
  • New technology
  • Near-shore and re-shore manufacturing
  • Aligning, planning and execution
  • Localized assortments
  • Responsible sourcing
What CEOs and supply chain professionals need to know about sustainability
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Net zero emission goals
  • Climate and resiliency risks
  • Carbon foot printing
  • Circular economy solutions
  • Ethical / responsible sourcing
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • New business models 
  • Reducing packaging
  • Transportation mode impacts (e.g., plane, train or ship and the fuel source for each)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Building a sustainable supply chain - from raw material acquisition, manufacturing, packaging and distribution to the impacts of customers using and disposing of products

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