NRF Retail Member Max Pass

Bring the whole team for one flat discounted rate!

We know how critical it is for our industry to address supply chain challenges together. It's too big to solve alone, and these issues don’t impact just one role within your company. That’s why we’re inviting NRF retail member companies to take advantage of our NRF Retail Member Max Pass and bring their whole team for a discounted flat rate of $1,495.

Here’s how it works: 

With NRF’s Retail Member Max Pass, if one person from a NRF retail member company registers for the NRF Retail Member Max Pass, EVERYONE else at the division level of your company can register for a Full Conference Pass at NO COST.

That gives your company access to three days of exceptional education on the latest supply chain and sustainability innovations, as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts and thought leaders in this space.

How to register:

  1. Purchase the NRF Retail Member Max Pass for $1,495.
  2. Invite as many team members as you want to join you! Members of the same company will automatically be charged $0 for their Full Conference Pass. No special code needed.
  3. Want NRF to help notify your colleagues that you opened the door for them to attend this event at no cost? Simply register and reach out to We're happy to help you share the good news. 

Register Now! Please contact with any questions.

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