Attendee Testimonials

"It is so important to be a part of these collaborative experiences where you get to connect with vendors, decision-makers, retailers and technology-based companies that are truly influencing the impact of our global economy."

Nicole Leinbach, founder at Retail Minded and co-founder at Independent Retailer

"It really starts with an integrated approach and then also communicating throughout the organization on what's going on and making sure everybody's aware of the path we're taking and staying aligned."

Hal Lawton, president and CEO at Tractor Supply Company

"You really have to collaborate and form a network of suppliers so that we could tackle the supply chain issues together."

Wanda Ma, senior vice president of technology at Sephora

"We are attracting so many people to the field and everybody's talking about the opportunities. I think we're going to get really exciting investments in supply chain investments and talent, so I'm excited where the industry's going."

Roxanne Flanagan, senior vice president and chief supply chain officer at Walgreens

"We're all working toward the same outcomes and same problems. Having a pulse on what's happening in the industry is critical in understanding how to communicate and address our customers’ pain points."

Jason Murray, co-founder and CEO at Shipium

"One solution isn't going to cut it anymore. You have to have a phenomenal store experience, phenomenal options for the customer. The consumer has spoken very loudly as it relates to that."

Kamau Witherspoon, CEO at Shipt

"That's why you come to these conferences, to be able to bring new ideas, fresh ideas to our company that will help us grow."

Charles Chambers, director of North American logistics at Floor & Décor